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You can live the life of your dreams.

Make your dreams a reality with the Make A Way Mindset Program. 

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Reignite Your Passions

Step Into Your Full Potential

Make A Way Mindset offers live and online classes.

Have your dreams been “on pause” for far too long?

Maybe you’ve been prioritizing everything and everyone else for so long you aren’t even sure what you want anymore. 

Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you are too old, out of shape, busy, or a dozen other lies that are keeping you back from the life you know deep down you deserve.

Maybe you think dreams are reserved for “special people”. It’s time to leave those limiting beliefs behind. Dreams belong to all of us- including you!

“I did not have a lot of people in my life who could give me advice on entrepreneurship and how to make my financial future work for me. Deedee is inspiring. Just talking to her makes me realize I am powerful. I am unstoppable. I believe that. Removing all the doubts and negativity was essential. Deedee is the light that makes the way clear.”

Kayla McDanial


If you’re ready to live the life of your dreams, 

but don’t know where to start

the Make A Way Mindset coaching program is for you.

Reignite Your Passions

We were all born with a destiny- our passions and desires are proof! Yet, as women, we are taught to put our own wants and plans last.

If you feel trapped in a life you don’t want, 

it is time to reclaim what’s yours. 

We’ll discover what YOU want and help you craft a life that keeps you excited, on track, and invigorated.

Ditch Limiting Beliefs

We convince ourselves that outside forces (like our kids, age, money or time) are the reasons we stop pursuing our dreams. In reality, our mindset and all the limiting beliefs we’ve been fed are what hold us back. You’ll learn to recognize the untrue beliefs keeping you stuck and break away from them for good.

Inspire Others

Often, we stop pursuing our dreams because we want to give our best to others-our kids, spouse, parents, etc. Guess what?! The best thing you can do for your family is pursue YOUR dreams. You will inspire them to live bigger, push harder, and never give up.

You weren’t meant to be a stepping stone.

You were made to be an inspiration

 “I know how hard it is to achieve big dreams.”

I am a professional dreamer. I’ve achieved FIVE gigantic dreams using the exact same formula I am going to teach you. (And I’m still using it to work toward my biggest dream yet!). 

With the Make A Way Mindset I was able to become:

A Lawyer

A Licensed Therapist

An Award-winning author of 17 books

The Founder of Make A Way Media

The Founder of Louisville Book Festival

I’ll teach you the formula that makes my dreams doable and me unstoppable.

I am not superhuman. I was not born wealthy. I did not inherit a life of connection and privilege. None of those big dreams came true just because I am special.

I was able to achieve them because I learned to make a way.

I learned to overcome my fears, limiting beliefs and doubts so that I could become the person I wanted to be.

The Make A Way Mindset has worked for me, my children (Kayla, a Broadway star and Anthony who just earned his MBA)
and also for the members of my team.

I KNOW it can work for you too.
I will teach you the formula to make a way for your own dreams and give you the support and accountability you need to make them happen.

You CAN make a way for your dreams too.

You’ll have a professional dreamer by your side to lead the way.

“Deedee played a monumental role in my healing journey and success. She gave me advice that literally changed my life and put me on the trajectory I am currently on (running my own dental practice). The steps I took were scary, but I would do it all over again to be exactly where I am today.”

Dr. Porchusa Jefferson

Before working with Deedee, I felt like I was just going through the motions. She helped me see that I already was doing meaningful work and that the dreams I had convinced myself were not for me were actually 100% within my reach. Now I wake up every day excited, knowing I am walking toward the life I want.


I worked 80 hours a week for someone else. When I met Deedee she asked why I wasn’t working 80 hours a week for me. That question stopped me in my tracks. I had dreamed of going out on my own, but I never took that first step. Deedee told me about her own journey and how she just started by taking the first step and the rest would fall into place… and that’s exactly what happened. Oh, and I no longer have to work 80 hours a week. This year I opened my own company and took my first trip to Europe. Dreams really do come true.”

Ray Smith, APRN

Stop Feeling Stuck in a Life You Don’t Want

Break Free with the Make A Way Mindset

Your Dreams Don’t Have to Feel Impossible.
Get Unstuck in 3 Easy Steps:


1. Choose your support level.

1. Choose your support level.

Select the level of support you need to make your all-but-forgotten dreams a reality.

2. Receive your individualized plan.

2. Receive your individualized plan.

You’ll get a custom plan (or a plan template for society members) to help you start moving forward. Then, you’ll have an expert team to guide you every step of the way. 

3. Become unstoppable.

3. Become unstoppable.

You’ll experience freedom to soar and finally reach your goals. You’ll have a clear plan and unwavering confidence. With the Make A Way Mindset, you’ll be be an unstoppable way maker.